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My role: Project Manager, Head of Production

  • Developed and managed partnership activation, event operation, from brief to report. 

  • Co-Directed a 4 camera weekly show production featuring radio hosts, athletes, agents, musicians and celebrity guests​

  • Ensure budgets management and identify risks


Together we made history, partnering with ADIDAS Basketball was a great way to be seen and show that ADIDAS is a strong force when it comes to creativity and grassroots basketball. We turned Venice Boardwalk into a playground, Sundays at the beach into a fun day at the blacktop and a basketball summer league into a lifestyle.



By promoting the event on VENICEBALL social media and media partners, we created hype and were able to generate fans all around the world.


Every Sunday, we diversified the regular league plays with entertainment from all kind of genres. Music, fashion, dances, Art, etc.


By creating highlights recap videos and photos recap we were able to build our following and expose consumers to various Adidas products


Media partnerships: BALLISLIFE, SLAM Magazine, DUNKADEMICS, YoVenice


The summer in numbers:


Kids Venice Basketball League KVBL 

600 kids 

900 parents 

1200 smoothies

20 coaches and celebrities trainers

1.000.000 smiles


The league

12 teams 

140 players

82 games

10 referees

3000 gallons of water


30.000 fans

90.000 giveaways

30 influencers 

16 special events




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